Words of Wisdom from a Wedding Planner’s Prospective


 Let´s get right at it! At some point in your wedding planning you will start feeling overwhelmed about going over your budget, or stressing about not hearing back from your resort coordinator since a week.  Let’s not forget being frustrated because some of your guest’s haven´t RSVP’d yet.  These are very much common factors, you will sometimes encounter during the planning.

Here are 4 Key tips from me (as a wedding planner who has seen it all). I hope this reminds you, that no matter the hiccups along the planning process at the end you will be marrying your Best friend.

  1. Never mind the small things. If your baker brought in a wrong cake flower, or the flowers were slightly a different shade of pick. Even after spending months, sending them numerous emails about your cake flavor. Guess what none of your guests are going to realized you gave them a wrong cake flavor. Forget the cake flavor and dance the night away!


  1. Have you heard the line “Do a destination wedding, we are totally coming no matter where you go”. Then when it comes to the actual booking, you find guests ignoring your calls not even responding to your emails. Sadly with Destination Weddings you’ll start to see true colors, of family members sometimes even from friends you thought they got your back no matter. You know what those who matter will be there. But those who don’t even know how to tell you, will miss out Big time.


  1. More and Brides are so tense on the wedding day, that they can’t even find a way to “be in the moment “. Remember so many hours went into planning, and now it’s time to live that moment. You only have a few hours to be the bride.  Stop for second and look around you, and remind yourself why you are here and considered yourself lucky to be surrounded by awesome people sharing this special mile stone with you. Make sure you eat your dinner and dance the night away with your husband.


  1. “Don’t miss it. Don’t miss your party, don’t lose sight and track of this day. This is a special moment in your life. This is a unique group of people that you will have in one location at one time.


When it is all said and done, your flowers may not be perfect, your bridal party may be hung over from the night before  but once you walk down the aisle, you will forget about all of that and have the best day of your life.


Happy Planning!


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