Our Vendors are our greatest allies, and in every way, form part of the team.

Some of the suppliers I we work with are the following:



We are Matt Adcock Sol Tamargo + a team of digital photo artist who specialize in making wedding photos in the Riviera Maya Mexico. We offer the perfect fusion of talent, passion, love, fun and creative spirits.



When you’ve “The One” we’re t capture your celebration of love… Playaloves.me Photography is a boutique photography is bouquet Photography Company that promises to deliver a uniquely personalized service along with its professional quality photography products. Playalove.me Photography specializes not only in wedding photography, but in artfully capturing your unique love story. Our goal is to craft a distinguished and unequaled Collection of images, ultimately creating a stunning visual experience that makes your wedding come to life again and again.


Naal Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

I have been living in France, Germany, Egypt, Spain and Baja California before but for the past 9 years I have been in the Riviera Maya, a place with a mixed kind of cultures, tastes, smells, colors, ways of living and a way of enjoying life. It is a superb place where you can get inspired with something different.

As your wedding photographer, I can capture the magic of that spontaneous smile, the sparkle in your eyes or that romantic look everyone will see. Just have an open mind and let me know your preferences to make your special day all about YOU.  Just get in touch!




Today’s floral trends embrace an “anything goes” Close your eyes and envision your perfect wedding. Formal casual, elaborate or simple? Wedding flowers set the ambience of your entire event. Anything from scattered petals along the aisle to long garlands (aisle runner) can be used to create your special day.

Dream Weddings Riviera Maya will gladly pass your preferred flower arrangement to our professional florist who creates magic that reflects your individual style and personality.

Hair and Make up

We work only with the best of the best salons in the Riviera Maya, with every standard of professionalism in their manner and style… They are experts in climate specific styles and make up, and their professional knowledge in relaxation, beautification, and personal care that is mixed with FUN!!


I work closely with some of the Condo Hotels and private villas

For those of you who love to enjoy your vacation only surrounded by your friends and family, Experience a Memorable, relaxing vacation that can be spent in some of the luxury ocean front homes or Condo hotels




Wedding Cakes

Dream Weddings Riviera Maya Cakes, are available by professional bakers.

Layers and decoration styles vary and can incorporate ornamental decorations (such as sea- shells, pearly and diamond icing) and flowers (fresh and edible).

If you already have set your mind on a certain style, our bakers will be pleased to match the exact idea and make your dream come true!

LGBT Friendly

At Dream Weddings Riviera Maya we stand for equality and for the opportunity of every loving and every in love couple.

We stand up for the love and bond you share and the commitment you and your partner want to make to one another, without bias, but instead in true authentic joy.

Dream Weddings Riviera Maya will help to ensure that all LGBT couples have the most positive, supportive experience while planning their wedding. My commitment is to produce gorgeous, meaningful and fabulous weddings with a holistic approach with a guarantee that couples receive resources to build and protect their family. I promote equality for all LGBT marriages and help reduce homophobia in the wedding industry.

I’ll create a wedding experience for you and your guests that totally reflect who you are as a couple (and we’ll have fun doing it). I’ll work alongside you without judging or pressuring you (you may get enough of that from your mom’s!) I’ll hire an incredibly talented gay-friendly marriage vendors who are as committed to your wedding as I am.  I’ll be there to help you tour the freshest gay friendly wedding venues available so you, your partner and your loved ones can enjoy your special day to the fullest.

I am person who truly wants to do the right thing, someone who believes in equality, and wants to treat my same sex couple clients with respect that all couples deserve. Playa del Carmen here in Mexico is one of the best gay wedding destinations,

Let me be assist you with your Destination Wedding you know you deserve!