Your Guide to best Budget saving tips


So you are looking to save money on your wedding budget and you just don’t know where to start? It’s very common to notice how quickly all the extras are adding up. Especially with a Destination wedding.

Here is a Guideline to help you stay on track with you budget.

  • Photographer

For example if a professional photographer is not important for you, then by all means feel to ask some of the friends and family to assist with making pictures. Please forget what everyone says, about you “will regret not spending the money on a good photographer”.  If it’s not in the budget then it’s not.


  • Décor and flowers

Learn to be a DIY bride, you can totally do stuff like invites and choose to go with a free wedding website. Because every little penny adds up. Do most of your Décor yourself and bring it with you. Find wedding favors that are local and inexpensive.  Such maracas. For flowers get small bouquets for your bridesmaids and then reused them as centerpieces at the reception.


  • Pre and post events

Skip doing a welcome dinner instead, maybe opt for informal welcome drinks at one of the bars.  Also choose a semi private option for the goodbye brunch. Usually the resort can block few tables for you.


  • Post ceremony drinks

You could also choose to go the informal way on this one maybe letting your guests know which bar they could go to between the ceremony and reception for drinks. Especially since it’s an all-inclusive there is enough food and drinks going around all the time.

  • DJ

You can opt to skip the DJ and used your own playlist. There are so many programs out there such wedding DJ app.


Avoid getting anything off the resort as this will help avoid you being charged the outside vendor fee. Take advantage of what is included in your packages, so this will cut down cost on the outside vendor fee.

I can never stress this more, make sure you prioritize where you will be spending your money/budget.

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PS: What this helpful? I would love to here your opinion.


Happy Planning


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