Are you a bride who is looking for someone to hold your hand during the wedding planning process without paying thousands of dollars?

I tell all of my clients that if you aren’t having fun, we’re doing something wrong. Because Wedding Planning can be stressful, but it’s also supposed to be fun.

I have been a Destination Wedding planner for many years now and let me tell you, on a daily basis I receive endless emails from Brides not looking for a planner, DJ or to discuss their budget or the flavor of their cake.  But simply to have conversations and create a safe space, free of judgments and expectations. The Bridal coach.


My GOAL is to be there for you and to focus on your emotional wellness, and peace of mind, so you can enjoy your engagement. Also to help you reduce stress, build confidence, and ultimately plan your wedding without feeling overwhelmed.


MY MISSION is to get you results on anything you may need clarity on, when it comes to planning a wedding, because I love seeing you enjoy this moment to the fullest.



Fortunately, I don’t actually experience this too often because the whole point of hiring a wedding planner is to avoid that sort of situation.

It is always brides who specifically looking to talk to someone on wedding tip, things to avoid etc.

A lot of what I’m hearing from you is that you are just too overwhelmed, for various reasons. You counted on friends, or occasionally hired a not-too-fabulous wedding planner or relied solely on the services of the hotel/resort, and by the time you call me for guidance, you’re in an all-out panic.

I am making this experience available for you as a Bridal Coach. Through a one or two hour, one-on-one Coaching Session, I will talk with you about your ideas and plans, and assist you on where to save money and guidance on vendors create a personalized Action Plan that will make planning your own day much smoother.


Top 3 things you can expect:

  1. I will be your “source of support” for your ideas – Friends are often good at this, but may lack the wedding experience to know what will and won’t work. Worse yet, if they’re a past bride, they may simply be recommending a clone of their own wedding. As a bridal coach I will listen to your ideas, provide advice and often suggest other ideas that have worked well at other weddings.


  1. Check the run sheet for your day – There are so many things that occur on a wedding, and each takes longer than you think. Plus you may have 100 guests to take into consideration. As Your Bridal Coach I will step you through each part of the day, and assist you in understanding how much time is needed for each activity, as well as the order that will work best.


  1. Save you money – One bad decision can not only ruin your day, it can also cost you a lot of money! You don’t need everything and often there isn’t enough time to do it all. By providing a list of good quality suppliers that provide Value for Money!



C´mon over to my support private group for Destination Bride. follow the link

Happy Planning!

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