The Truth about Destination Wedding


Feeling uncomfortable and sceptical about the thought of planning your big day in a foreign country? Don’t be. Planning your destination wedding should be a stress-free and memorable experience, and here, we shine light on the facts and fictions of these special occasions.

Fiction: Destination weddings are spur-of-the-moment elopements with very little planning and minimal guests.

Fact: On average, guest lists consist of 40 guests. Some weddings may consist of very extensive planning depending on the specific details desired to make your wedding a dream come true.

Despite what people may perceive a destination wedding to be, today, it is very uncommon for a couple to secretly elope and become husband and wife. This brand of wedding allows for couples to invite their closest friends and loved ones on a vacation experience they will never forget. While the average destination wedding guest list consists of approximately 40 people, it isn’t uncommon for a guest list to include over 150 guests. The advanced planning involved gives guests a chance to make arrangements to attend your wedding and plan their future accordingly to ensure can make it. In addition, the out-of-town aspect of these weddings allows you to provide an excuse to cut down the unwanted friends, family, and co-workers that you may just not want at your wedding. Throwing such an event gives your guests the excuse to go on vacation, and more so than not, guests will say yes to the invitation.

Fiction: Destination weddings are too expensive and cost more than traditional hometown weddings.

Fact: Destination weddings very commonly cost less due to smaller guest lists, package deals, and particular rates provided by travel agencies.

Recently, it was discovered that the price of destination weddings vs. traditional are on average nearly 10% cheaper.  That is, the average expense for traditional weddings is $24,200 while destination weddings ring in at a moderate $21,600- a whopping $2,600 less. In reality, guests usually are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. This can cause a significant amount of savings when planning such a wedding. Planning a wedding abroad in destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico can usually cost less than throwing a one-night all you can drink event at a local wedding hall. Plus, this all-inclusive event isn’t just 1 night, it’s 7. The lower guest count can also be a factor in the lowered price. When hosting an event for over 200 people, expenses tend to grow; however, the exclusive guest list at your destination wedding can lead to less expense and most of all, less hassle. Our recommendation is that that you set specific financial limits, consider all the costs, and keep your guest list reasonable in size.


Fiction: Destination weddings are beach weddings only.

Fact: The settings are limitless, imagination is very key here.

Sure, reading your vows and looking into your loved ones eyes with the grains of sand at your feet is the ultimate in romance, however, this isn’t the only option when saying I Do. Many resorts and destinations provide an array of options for settings, whether you require a chapel or wedding hall, anything can be done. More classical settings may include an Italian villa or French chateau. In any case, let your imagination take control and let the experts at Now Destinations help design your destination wedding.


Fiction: Destination weddings are only for celebrities and are very uncommon for the average person.

Fact: Not only celebrities can have the luxury of such a wedding. Nearly 25% of couples choose a destination do.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. Pierce Brosnan & Kelly Shaye Smith. Katty Perry & Russel Brand. All of these couples got married abroad, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t. You don’t need to be a celebrity or CEO to pull off this exotic event. Whether you are a teacher, a store manager, or a cable technician, a destination wedding is more than manageable for you. All of our clients at Now Destinations come from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and jobs. Numbers suggest that nearly 1 in 4 newly engaged couple choose to this route for their special day.


Fiction: Wedding couples must pay for all their guest’s expenses or they will refuse to come

Fact: The standard for payment requires guests pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

This is the beauty of it. The guests invited are expected to cover their own expenses, and usually this is not an issue. In reality, the guests are essentially paying for a vacation, and the nature of the group package can usually lead to reasonable pricing. Studies suggest that the average “yes rate” for RSVP responses is nearly 80%, the truth is, everyone is eager to go on a vacation, and this provides  a reason to escape reality with the ones you love most.



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