Venue Scouting:

  1. General Questions
    • How many weddings does the resort hosts per day?
    • What is the latest time you can end the reception?
    • Are there any disco/night club for guests to take the after party?
    • What is the location policy when it comes to responding to emails?
    • Any activities at the pool site for guests?
    • What type of restaurant does the resort/location have?
    • Which restaurant you use for group reservation? Such welcome or rehearsal dinner?
    • Does the resort offer Room Service?
    • What are the location options for the ceremony and for the receptions?
    • In case of rain what are “Plan B” option?
    • Any kids activities?
    • Are there any restaurants or bars children are not allowed in?
    • What is the process for securing your wedding date?
    • The process for securing the room block for your group?

  1. Wedding Packages:
    • What type of packages do they offer?
    • What do they include?
    • What are extras you would need to pay for in terms of vendors?
    • What are the Vendor fee/outside vendor fee?
    • What is the process for having a legal/civil ceremony?
    • How well in advance, must everything be planned?
  1. Ceremony Questions:
    • What time is the ceremony set up starting?
    • Any additional costs you should be paying for set up?
    • When should the guests and groom be at the ceremony site?
    • Is there anyone coordinating to make sure everyone knows what is going on?
    • What time can we start playing music?
    • Is the cocktail hour area already ready before ceremony starts?
    • Is the cocktail included in the packages with drinks and canapes? Or is it additional costs?

  1. Reception
    • What is the timing of the reception? Do we get to decide on the times, or is it a set time for all weddings?
    • Are menu offer options of both buffet and plater reception dinners?
    • We want to include champagne toast in our reception. Is this possible? Does it come with at additional costs?
    • Does the location provide all the reception glassware and cutlery and plates correct?
    • How big are the tables? How many people do you comfortably fit at each?
    • How does bar service work at reception?
    • Do you assist with the floor plan prior?
    • Do you assist with setting up the personal décor? Or does it have additional costs?
    • Do we do a finally meeting before the wedding to go over details?


Hope these questions, help you to narrow down the resort that works best for you.


Happy Planning






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